Composition and Responsibilities


The commission membership is outlined in Executive Order 811.

The California State University Commission on the Extended University is composed of:

Position Number of
Campus Presidents, one of whom shall serve as Commission chair 2
Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs 2
Full-time faculty members nominated by the Academic Senate 4
Campus Deans of Extended Education 3
Representatives of the Chancellor's Office 3
Campus Director of International Education 1
Campus Director of Distance Education 1


The responsibilities of the Commission on the Extended University is outlined in Executive Order 811.

The Commission is charged with:

A.    Advising the Chancellor on policies and procedures pertaining to extended education programs and the improvement of access to and utilization of the educational resources of the system;

B.    Recommending to the Chancellor policies governing the management of the Continuing Education Revenue Fund, including those activities that should receive support from the systemwide operations account within the systemwide Continuing Education Revenue Fund while providing for the maintenance of a contingency reserve;

C.    Serving as a liaison between the campuses and the Chancellor, as appropriate, on matters relating to Extended Education programs;

D.    Reviewing and making recommendations to the Chancellor concerning multi­campus and regional extended education programs;

E.    Reviewing and making recommendations to the Chancellor concerning distance education, international education, and programs for off-campus students;

F.    Making recommendations on the level of budgetary support for the Division of Extended Education in the Office of the Chancellor; and

G.    Other advisory roles as may be requested by the Chancellor.