Best Practices

The Commission grant program started in 1993. Since that time, nearly 200 proposals have been funded for self-support program development. The program mix includes full degree programs and professional development certificates. From agriculture to drones to professional science masters and teacher education, the commission grant program has fostered innovative program development in new and enduring areas of study. 

Successful grants have these elements in common: 
  • Well written and researched proposal;
  • Addresses demonstrated workforce development needs; 
  • Realistic timeline and measurable deliverables

Once awarded, campuses should be able to: 
  • Begin project upon receipt of funding; 
  • Act on and execute plan;
  • Mobilize personnel and other resources

Post-project, campuses should be able to:
  • Demonstrate measurable outcomes and deliverables;
  • Share successes and challenges with others; 
  • Assist others to replicate when and where possible